Qavi's First Birthday Bash

Here is one of the biggest things this year: our little Q was turning one!

Times flies.. I do still remember how he was being such a nice and kind little baby growing in my womb for months. No morning sicks, no nausea time, and he was very cooperative during those days, thanks God! And I still remember how all of the pain was like suddenly gone on the second that he was born. It's all worth it.

They say..
"a baby's first birthday is also a mom's first birthday"
..and it's totally true! I learned soooo many new things since the very first day I met this little angel. And still got so much to learn in the future. The first year was like the most trying year of my life. After all, we are so glad that we have him in our life.

We didn't want to held a big birthday party for Q, but we did want something to be remembered a few years later. After days of so called research, hahaa.. we decided to make a little smash cake party for him. I made this sugarless banana birthday cake with cream cheese frosting and put a simple decoration on the top of it.

And here goes little Q with his smashing cake..

Momo got a bite.. just a little bite ya, mo! hahaa..

After all, sure it was a mess, but watching his happy and curious face while smashing and eating the cake was precious..

Happy birthday, sunshine!

- March 9, 2014 -


Hi! (again)

Hello there again! it's been a very long time, like.. a year since my last post?? Oh my, what a shame!
Let's recall what has happened in my life later.. (well, my life here means me, Sats, and our little Q of course, hehee..)

The past year have been a roller coaster for us. There were smiles, laughs, tears, hundreds of joys and sorrows. I might gonna start to post some of our old pictures while recalling those stories. But today, let me share our latest ones.

It's harder now to take a picture of us together, since Q has been running here and there. I even started to think that we need to have a tongsis, kind of a mono-pod that has been sooo popular in Indonesia lately, just to get the three of us together in one frame more often, hahaa. This one we got from our dear friend Owndy when we had dinner together last month.


Crafty Days #7 by Tobucil

Hello weekends! This is a quick post..
It's the first day of Crafty Days #7 by Tobucil & Klabs at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat - Bandung. There are a bunch of local brands that sell handmade products at this event. Sooo many cute little things that I wish I could brought home. But seeing them is actually a very much fun though, heheee..
Lots of crafty thingy, from a tiny cutey monster that was made of socks, to hand-sketched tote bags and cushions, and also some other adorable handmade plushies..



Durian Pancake at D'Durens

For you who like the king of the foods - durian, this place is worth to be visited. I tried their special durian pancake yesterday and it taste really nice! What makes it special is they made everything by themselves, from the pancake to the filling. And it's a real durian pieces that is in the pancake, with a nice cream to balance the strong taste.

And if you are a fan of an iced dessert, try this one out, Es Saus Durian! It contains about 5 pieces of durians in a bowl of fla and coconut milk with shaved ice on top. Gosh!! It's been a long time.. Ever since I got pregnant I stoped to eat durian, and now it taste like heaven on earth, hihii..

>>  D'Durens  <<
Palasari no.2
Bandung - Indonesia
(022) 7314684


Adapt Tokyo Tower Collaboration Series

Found this cute little plain notebook by Adapt at Unkl347 store Bandung yesterday..
The cover design was in collaboration with Koinuma Aya.


Baby Q goes to Trademark and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

We went to Trademark at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung. It was Qavi's first big mall outing! And it looks like he enjoyed it very much..

We stopped in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to grab some snacks. It's been a very long time since my last visit to Coffee Bean, due to an unpleasant event that happened years ago. Thanks God it didn't happen again this time! Anyway, we had a Chicken Curry Pie (or something like that, I forgot the name of the dish) and a hot Mocha Latte (and I also forgot this one's real name on the menu, hahaa.. pardon me! I lost the bill..). The coffee is good.. The pie? Hmm.. I think it was o.k!

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